Florida Charter Fishing with Capt'n Blake Matherly

Success Stories

“Hey Captain Blake … just wanted to take a moment to thank you for a great day on the water and working hard to put me on fish. I’ve fished with a lot of guides through the years but can’t remember when I enjoyed fishing with one as much as I did with you. Your knowledge of the waters and how to make the best of challenging conditions was impressive and appreciated. When I’m in the Ft. Myers area again, (and I hope soon), expect a phone call from me. Thanks to you, I had a great day. Thanks Captain!”

Gary Barnett – Dongguan City in the Guangdong Province of China


“I got a need for speed! I know fishing was the priority, but it was a blast ripping through the water on your boat. Thanks for showing me around the sound. And the finishing touch, delicious fish!”

Mike Atwood – Fort Myers, FL


“I just wanted to let you know, as an avid Northern California fisherman, I could not have had a more enjoyable fishing experience. As anyone who visits Southwest Florida in mid August can attest, the weather can be a hug obstacle. Despite the mid morning humidity and late morning rain, the only things dampened were our clothes. Spirits were as high as the level of fishing, which was as hot as the Pine Island Sound air. Beautiful red-fish, huge snook and an abundant supply of large and schoolie sized sea trout ruled the day. I would be hard pressed to imagine a more knowledgeable and yet gracious guide. I’ll be back in a month or so for a repeat of the “Sanibel Slam”! And oh yes, to get another shot at that MONSTER Snook that……escaped capture;-) Thanks Captain Blake,”

Lorn Randall – Roseville, CA


“I’ve fished a lot of places with a lot of guides, and Blake is as good a guide as I’ve ever had, I especially enjoyed bringing one of my daughters out with him. He took the time to help her enjoy the fishing and he gave us both a lot more to think about, the beautiful waters that we sometimes take for granted. I’ve recommended him to other fisherman – and they’ve all been well pleased. I’m going with him again – this time I’m bringing my wife!”

Dan McConlogue – Fort Myers, FL


“I highly recommend Captain Blake for catching fish. Although I enjoy fishing, I’m not very good at casting, catching bait, and landing “the big one” Blake not only finds fish, he’s patient with us “green horns” and shows even rookies how to catch fish. I’ve used Blake on several occasions and found his services not only professional, but a lot of fun ! I would not go out on the water of Southwest Florida without him.”

Ron Rice – Camdenton, MO


“Captain Blake, Thanks again for a great day. Still reliving that last snook hook up under the dock. By the time I get home that fish will be 42 inches. Thought I would send you the picture of you holding MY snook that you stole from me while I was re-baiting :-). KIDDING! Thanks again and I look forward to getting out again with you sometime soon!”

David Biederman – Cincinnati, OH


“If you are thinking of fishing the Florida flats, Capt. Blake Matherly is your go-to guy! I notched a “Sanibel Slam” (a snook, trout, and redfish) on my very first trip with him and each trip since has been more exciting. He’s the most knowledgeable and hardest working guide on the water. If you can get on his schedule, bring your camera… it will be unforgettable!”.

Bennett Shelfer, Author, Drawing Dead, Atlanta, GA


“Captain Blake works hard to put his clients on fish. He has an easy going personality that makes spending time on the water a wonderful experience.”

Lowell Schoenfeld, Attorney  – Fort Myers, FL


“Captain Blake found the fish and the beast was successfully caught, photographed, and released to become another person’s dream catch. Changing weather conditions did not prevent a most successful fishing experience. A great day for a father and son on the water. Can’t wait to return for another great experience!”

Mike Schulte  – Milwaukee, WI


“Captain Blake….. Both myself and my son, Ryan, had such a wonderful time fishing with you. You truly are a great guy to be with and in addition, also a great fisherman. We were impressed with your boat and equipment and needless to say we had a wonderful day on the water and caught a whole lot of fish. My son is still talking about the experience!!! Thanks for a great time and hope we can do it again soon!!!”

Dr. Dick Valentine – Naples, FL