Florida Charter Fishing with Capt'n Blake Matherly


Charter sports fishing is an excellent way to experience the fun and excitement of fishing in Florida. While smaller fish can be caught from the shore or on bridges, to really experience sports fishing sports fishermen should charter a private boat. This not only gives them the benefit of a private boat, but the knowledge of the local captain who can take them to where the fish can be found.

Where are the most popular fishing spots in Florida?

English: Cape Coral, Fort Myers, Florida - Jul...

English: Cape Coral, Fort Myers, Florida – July 1997 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Southwest coast of Florida is one of the most popular sports fishing destinations. The waters of the Gulf of Mexico are relatively shallow (many time no more than 50 feet deep) and contain a wide variety of fish. The most popular areas for sport fishing are Fort Myers, Fort Myers Beach, Cape Coral, Sanibel and Captiva Islands, Pine Island Sound, Boca Grande, and Gulf waters surrounding these areas. The inlet waterways in this area are also very popular for sport fishing.

Does the boat make a difference?

In charter sports fishing, the boat does make all the difference. Fishermen need to look for a captain who has a reliable boat that will do well in the open water, near the shore, and in the inlets of Southwest Florida. The top of the line boat is the Egret 189 Flat Boat. The Egret is considered the Rolls Royce of fishing boats and is large enough to handle the open Gulf, yet maneuverable enough to get close to shore and explore the inlet waterways. The Egret uses a foam core to make it durable, flexible, and lightweight. Customized Egrets employ a carbon fiber and Kevlar combination making them very sturdy while maintaining their flexibility in the water.

What Types of Fish are in the Waters Around the Southwest Coast of Florida?

There are several varieties of fish residing in the Gulf waters. One of the most popular species is the tarpon. This is a large fish, sometimes over 200 pounds, and puts up a great fight when hooked. The prime tarpon season is in the spring and summer, but an experienced captain knows where to fish for tarpon up until the first winter cold snap. Another very popular species is the snook. Snook are also large fish known for their spirited fight when hooked. Snook can be found near the shore, in holes or in warmer months in the open water. Shark, cobia, spanish mackerel, king mackerel, snapper, tripletail, redfish, and seatrout can also be found in the waters of Southwest Florida.

Why Hire a Charter Fishing Service?

A charter fishing service can give the sports fisherman of any experience one of their most memorable fishing experiences. For novices a captain who knows his stuff can teach them the proper techniques and help them with their first sports fishing outing. Even an experienced sports fisherman can benefit from hiring a charter fishing service be relying on the captain’s knowledge of where the best fishing can be found. A charter sports fishing trip includes a private boat, a knowledgeable captain, and the use of a top of the line boat.